Relaxation baths in the feel-good hotel

The spa treatment in our house – wellness to feel good

Health and wellbeing with baths

Amore bath (for 2 people with a glass of sparkling wine)

Tyrolean stone oil bath (for 1 person)

Rose oil bath (for 1 person)

Cleopatra bath (for 1 person)

Pure rest and relaxation!

To pamper – to relax – to enjoy

A warm bath with herbal essences can work wonders and is beneficial for our body and all senses. The color, the scent and the warmth let us draw new energies. The ingredients and the water stimulate blood circulation, soothe or relieve cramps. A soothing bath deepens your breathing while healing additives relieve cold symptoms. Caring substances have a positive effect on the skin. So turn our tub into a spa. Treat yourself to a soothing, relaxing bath. Use the health-promoting powers of water together with valuable herbal additives.



Amore bath with champagne

Tyrolean stone oil bath (health bath)

Has a particularly regenerative effect on joints and muscles, prevents rheumatic complaints, helps with back problems and promotes general well-being

Rose oil bath

A bath for body and mind with the queen of flowers. Well-groomed and slightly fragrant skin.

Cleopatra bath

The secret of the silky smooth skin of the Egyptian ruler. Milk, honey and olive oil wrap the body in a coat of suppleness.

Further bath additives on request: z. B. lemon balm, lavender, mountain pine, flower meadow, rheumatism, etc.

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