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facial treatments

Relax facial treatment

Deep-cleansing, peeling with steam, facial and decollete massage, face mask, finish care, without deep-cleansing

Preis: € 59,00

Relax facial treatment

Classical facial treament

Deep-cleansing, peeling with steam, facial and decollete massage, face mask, finish care, eyebrow correction, with deep-cleansing

Preis: € 76,00

Classical facial treament

Facial treatman for him

Deep-cleansing, peeling with steam, facial and cephalic massage, finish care, with deep-cleansing. 

A compensating facial treatment, especially for the skin of men.

Preis: € 60,00

Facial treatman for him

Thalasso facial treatment

Deep-cleansing, peeling with steam, facial and decollete massage, finish care) with deep-cleansing; with spirulina seaweed products. The energies of the sea are in the focus of this treatment. Minerals and trace elements are leading to a stimulating metabolism. The treatment leads to skin lifting and improves the skin.

Preis: € 81,00

Thalasso facial treatment

additional services

Aloe vera moisture vial

Aloe vera gel effects inflammatory processes positively, improves the healing effect, has a moisturising and soft making effect on the skin and has a UV protecting effect.

Preis: € 12,00

packs & peelings

Body oil poultice

Preis: € 32,00

Body salt oil peeling

Preis: € 14,00

hand & foot care


Preis: € 38,00


Preis: € 38,00

Nail polish

Preis: € 8,00

Hand mask

Preis: € 10,00



Preis: € 18,00

health treatments

Kraxenofen per person

The characteristic scent is caused by the essential oils and causes contained in the hay - combined with the cozy warmth - the soothing, revitalizing effect.

In comfy booths with spicy Alpine hay, its herbal mist sweeps back gently. 30 min.

Preis: € 19,00

Kraxenofen per person

Pine wood flakes treatment

In the heated waterbed you will enjoy the 30 min steaming on her belly.
for 1 person incl. Swiss stone pine as a reminder.

Preis: € 19,00

Pine wood flakes treatment

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